.Student Responsibilities

International Student Resposibilities

International students who applied to the university and received the right to register at the university and will study by its own means are obliged to;

  • Submit documents related to the application conditions


  • Apply for residence permit  by the  Bayburt Governorship Provincial Migration Administration ( Within one month from the date of entry with the Student Visa )


  • Make the necessary procedures according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, and providing the necessary documentation and informing the relevant units about changes in their personal, civil and learning status within fifteen days,


  • Certify that they continue their education in order to renew the residence permit within fifteen days after the end of the term and take the new residence permit  from the Provincial Migration Administration.


  • Apply immediately to the relevant authorities by losing their residence permit or passports and take the new ones within fifteen days,


  • Inform the university and the former Provincial Migration Administration within forty-eight hours if they have changed their residence address.
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