It is widely appreciated today that the internationalization of higher education is the most important item on the agenda of universities. Internationalization in higher education is defined as the systematic inclusion process of the international dimension to the higher education institution's education, research and service function”. Internationalization which increases understanding of higher education contributes to an increase in the quality of research and education in universities, as well as strengthening their regional and global role and changing the concept of the uniform university.

It is necessary to have a healthy functioning strategy in order to successfully carry out the process of internationalization. In this strategy, international students are the most important component in the process. Similarly, it is very important for the internationalization of universities that they offer a suitable academic environment in which international guest researchers can deliver lectures and pursue their research activities.

International Relations Office is one of the new agencies constituted by the Presidency of Bayburt University in 2010 with the object of becoming a 21st century leading university within the frame of Turkey’s EU Harmonization Process Policies. 

Following the institution period, International Relations Office   made some prepatory work, took important steps especially regarding the exercise of the EU Programs, and started service on 2nd floor of the Faculty of Education. After provision of the necessary equipment and assignments, it became operational. Considering the width of the field of activity, it can be said that the orgaization was completed in a short time.

The International Relations Office facilitates international experience of university students and teaching staff in training and research, help incoming foreign students and scientists integrate with the university and provide useful information and assistance in programmes and projects that are available, which in return will contribute to the development of the region.

The Office, provides a flow of information of the best opportunities to the university in order to obtain effective communication with international and national commnities. It provides expert advice on how to take advantage of available opportunities. In addition to collaborations with universities around the world, it also carries out studies towards the Bologna process and also makes maximum use of the Erasmus and Mevlana Exchange Programmes in order to increase student and staff exchange.